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Academic Events

FLTRP Cup Speech Preliminary Held

In Yifang Auditorium (Yifang Baogaoting) of NNU's Suiyuan Campus, Ginling College (GC) held a preliminary Speech Contest to select GC's top student for 2016 FLTRP Cup Speech Contest in Jiangsu Province from 9:00 to 12:00 am, October 8, 2016.


GC's 200ish students--chiefly English majors--were seated quietly for the event to happen. Stationery in hand in the front line were 6 adjudicators, namely Dr. Hong Ye, Vice Chair Liyan Ma, Chair Yunzhi Zhu, Emma from US, Mr. Haibo Wang and Vice Dean Qingqi Wei. At 9:00 sharp, Vice Dean Wei pronounced the event open, and hostess Lan Wang started her work of inviting contestants to the stage and connecting the speeches, very artfully.


Each Contestant went through two phases of competition, i.e. a 3-minute prepared speech and a 1-minute answer to the question raised either by Emma or Haibo Wang. All their speeches were very lively and content-based, and their answers were either to the point or very witty.


After the 24th competing speaker finished her work, Emma and Professor Yunzhi Zhu congratulated students on their dazzling work, and Mr. Haibo Wang gave a short speech on how to expand public speaking titled "Communication Is Wonderful" from person-to-person level to impersonal level.


Then Vice Chair Liyan Ma declared the results:

The very top speech came from the mouth of Miss Jie Jiang, who will participate in the Provincial FLRTP Cup Speech Competition.


Other impressive speeches were made by Miss Xingying Dong, Miss Jinghua Feng, Miss Lang Wang, Mr. Wenbo Xu, Miss. Tianhui Gu, Miss Wen Shi, Miss Yifei Zhang, Miss Jie He, Miss Shuyue Xu, Miss Guanyao Xiong, Miss Ziyao Hong.


Honorary mention went to the other speakers, namely, Miss Yuting Jiang, Miss Lu Zhao, Miss Ying Sun, Miss Jingya Xu, Miss Zheng Wu, Mr. Jicheng Ye, Miss Minjia Zhou, Miss Xuemei Hua, Miss Yan Wang, Miss Cuntian Liang, Miss Xueru Li and Miss Min Zhang.


GC will produce her own prize certificates and confer them to all the 24 competitors, 20 of whom were chosen from 4 classes of English majors and 4 of whom from 4 classes of non-English majors before National Day Holiday (October 1st to 7th), 2016. (Reported by Haibo Wang)