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Academic Events

Fulbright Prof Earnest's Drama Course Winds Up

Fulbright Professor Steve Eernest's drama course has wound up to be a musical performance by more than 30 students and two faculty members in Musical Hall, J6 Building.

The event happened on 21 and 22 of December. Steve's Cast was a very large one, including around fifty staff apart from 30+ actors and actresses.

All actors and actresses went through very selective processes of auditions after they had applied or had been recommended by faculty and/or students.

These actors and actresses consist of two faculty members and 28 freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Qianye Yao worked as stage manager.

The free-of-charge on-campus performance attracted students, teachers and drama-lovers from inside and outside NNU.

GC Secretary Chuanhui Xue went to both the performances on two evenings and gave inspiring speeches. Chuanhui also conferred a "certificate of international expert" to Steve and all Steve Cast shouted "Steve, Steve, Don't Leave!"

Apart from Steve, the cast also includes Chair Yunzhi Zhu as Producer, Maolan Lü as Music Supervisor, Hong Ye and Liyan Ma as Vice Music Supervisors.

Actors/Actreeses are Benson Liu, Miranda (who also goes with Liyan Ma) , Vanilla Woo, Wency, Hilaire Young, Eric, Auguste Wong, Emily, Tao M. Qin, Adam Zhang,Vovski, Dolores, Kelly, Candice, Vincent Woo, Jaydee, Fort Sun, Bob, Tony Stark Jr. etc. To name just a few.

And staff are Yujie, Ziyan, etc.