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Academic Events

GC Aiding the Needy Kids in Chentao Town

On Jan 18th, GC faculty, headed by GC Secretary Chuanhui Xue, including Dean Yuan Zhao and Vice Secretary Jian Gao, go to provide some aid to 16 needy families in Chentao Town, Binhai County.

GC and Binhai are sister places for direct exchange and aiding. Every year, GC Faculty will donate some money for the schoolers in Binhai.

GC Staff know that good life for themselves is not abundant life. Good life for all is abundant life.

So GC teachers and staff decide to help those disadvantaged people in Binhai. 

GC visit 16 kids, including primary school students and high school students and, handing out their gifts, GC teachers encourage them study well.

GC sends out cookies other edibles and some money to each of their families so that they can live somewhat better during the winter.

They all respond in a warm grateful way to GC. Those children are very smart and promising. Maybe some years later they will be admitted into key universities like NNU.