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Academic Events

GC Awarded for English Website

On April 4th afternoon, NNU held its Promotion Conference for Chinese and English Websites in Auditoriam of Fangfei Building on Xianlin Campus. Those present were CPC Committee Vice Secretary Hongbo Shang of NNU, NNU Vice President Xuyu Zhang, CPC Committee Information Department Head Lianhong Zhang of NNU.

(Photos by Haibo Wang)

The Conference was chaired by Information Department Head L. Zhang. Vice Secretary Shang and Vice President X. Zhang both spoke. And some other leaders introduced the progress and announced advanced websites of NNU.

(Photo by Haibo Wang)

The criteria for advanced websites included: quantities of news releases and their punctualities, the resolution qualities of attached photos, and clicks from home and abroad.

(Photo by Haibo Wang)

GC English website was amongst the 6 "Advanced English Websites" awarded by CPC Committee Information Department of NNU. GC Vice Dean Qingqi Wei was the representative, who went to the front stage to receive the Award Certificate.

(Photo by Haibo Wang)

GC faculty present at the conference were Mme Ning Feng, Mr. Haibo Wang, etc.

(Vice Dean Wei: second from right. Photo by Haibo Wang)

(Journalism: Haibo Wang)