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Academic Events

GC Commencement 2020 Held

On the afternoon of 17th June, 2020, GC Commencement 2020 was held in Yi-fang Auditorium, Suiyuan, NNU.


All graduate students and undergrads participated in the Grand Ceremony with their professors.

Grads are chiefly Accounting Majors and Financial Management Majors. Undergrads are English Majors, Labor and Social Security Majors, Accounting Majors and Financial Management Majors.

The Commencement was chaired by Vice Dean Suping Yang. Dean Yuan Zhao gave an inspiring speech, encouraging students to work hard and continue to grow all their lives.

Secretary Chuanhui Xue announced Excellent Grads and Undergrads. Then one excellent grad and one excellent undergrad gave speech respectively.

Vice Secretary Jian Gao announced contact persons of GC Alumnae and Alumni Associations in different places.

Then Degree Conferring Ceremony started. Leaders of GC, most of whom are PhD supervisors, granted degree certificates to students.