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Academic Events

GC Exam-Free PG Camp in mid-July

NNU-GC will hold a summer camp for excellent students to enter GC as post graduates free of exams on Suiyuan Campus from 13 July to 15 July, 2017.

GC was the original Ginling Women's University which was founded in 1915.

Now GC has Grade-1 Masters' Programs and Grade-2 Masters' Programs like Food Science and Engineering, Food Engineering, MPAcc, Social Security, Women's Pegagogy.

The Summer Camp for Excellent Students will be held from 13 July to 15 July 2017.

We have only 30 slots for this summer camp.

Standards for Camp Entrance:

1. College juniors who will have graduated by the summer of 2018. Comprehensive performance: Excellent, i.e.  among top 30% in their own grade, and reaching the level of exam-free qualification of post graduates in their own host institutions (universities, colleges, or institutes).  Willing to study as post graduates in GC.

2. English: Good. Excellent in CET-6 or Good in TOEFL/GRE/GMAT/IELTS.

3. Receptor Majors: Food Science and Engineering, Food Quality and Safety, Accounting, Financial Management, Labor and Social Security, Social Work, Women's Study, Pedagogy, GC welcomes students of related or similar majors to the camp. GC also encourages major-hoppers to the camp.

Application Materials and Procedures:


1. Application form (See attachment) with school seal.

2. Resume with a newly-shot picture.

3. Score Sheet with school seal. If the student has studied two majors or one major and one minor, we need all the scores.

4. English Certificates (photocopied).

5. Other materials (Student's ID, ID by Public Security Bureau, published articles, patents, prize certificates, qualification certificates, etc.)

Application Methods:

1. E-materials: send an email to with the title of "2017 Summer Camp-Name-Home Institution", and with a zipped attachment entitled as "Name-Institution", inside which  must be found application form, resume, score sheet, copied certificates. All documents with signatures and seals must be scanned instead of photocopied.

2. Paper materials: all paper materials must be bound into one volume and put into a big envelope the size of A4 paper. The envelope must be carry such words: Ginling College Summer Camp, Applicant's Name, Home Institution. It must be sent to GC via EMS.

Deadline and Contact Person:

The deadline is June 15, 2017 (the stamp on the evelope as evidence). Address: Post Graduate Office, Ginling College, Nanjing Normal University, 122 Ninghai Road, Nanjing City. Zip: 210097.

The EMS mail must sent to: Teacher Zhang (Zhang Laoshi).

Telephone: 025-83598777

Contents of Summer Camp:

3-day camp, including registration and departure.

Activities: Touring campus, opening ceremony, explanation of admission regulations, experts' academic lectures, grouped discussions, communication with post graduates of GC, interviews.

Screening, Admission and Benefits:

The screening will have been done by June 20. By July 1, applicants will receive notification by email or phone. Those who have not received any notification will not be accepted into the camp. There is no "non-admittance notice".

This camp will select a certain ratio of excellent students as excellent or qualified campers, whose names will appear on GC website: Those excellent and qualified campers will enjoy favors in exam-free selection and/or national PG exam selection.

NNU School of Graduates will accommodate campers with bedrooms and canteen meals, but the campers themselve shall shoulder round-trip cost. If campers are successfully admitted into GC as post graduates, each of them shall be rewarded 2,000 RMB.

Contact Person: Zhang Laoshi (Teacher Zhang)

Phone: 025-83598777

QQ Group: 422934337

Please download more information:

(Translator: Haibo Wang)