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Academic Events

GC Faculty Celebrate New Year

On Jan. 8th, GC faculty, including four American professors and retirees, gather at Multi-Functional Hall of Nanshan Hotel, Suiyuan Campus, to celebrate the arrival of Year 2020.

The first part is opening ceremony, hosted by GC Secretary Chuanhui Xue, and Dean Yuan Zhao gives an inspiring speech by summarizing GC Top Ten Events of 2019 and looking to the future.

The second part is recreation, hosted by three faculty members, namely, Haibo, Ming Chen and Miss Yan Zhao.

GC management present their fashion show, with a lot of new arrivals of costume.

Accounting Department presents their "Interesting Dubbing of Movies".

Retired Professors present their GC Anthm and "We are from Ginling" song.

Department of Labor and Social Security and Department of Women's Studies jointly present their song "My Motherland and I".


 GC management and English Department jointly present their songs of "Seeing Off Red Army Men" and "Ying Shan Hong" (Red Flowers Which Glow Mountains Red).

English Department present their tapping dance, which renders the whole gathering more artistic.

The performance is intervalled with games and gifts for the faculty.

It is a perfect and memorable New Year Gathering for GC.