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Academic Events

GC Finishes Recruiting in GZ

After visiting more than twelve major cities in Guizhou Province, such as Guiyang, Tongren, Kaili, Duyun, Zunyi, Liupanshui, Bijie, GC's four-person group has finished undergrad-recruiting tasks for for NNU.


(Photo by Haibo Wang)

Though there is flood and landslide in some areas in the mountainous Guizhou, Professor Weiwei Li, Madame Longfeng Wang, Professor Ziqiang Zhao and Mr. Haibo Wang still fulfilled their tasks according to their schedule.

Those key high schools have all excelled in producing qualified candidates for NNU with outstanding training. Their students never use their cellphones during the whole semester. Their only devotion is targeted towards their studies and their life-triangle is between classrooms, canteens and bedrooms.

(Courtesy to Longfeng Wang for Photo)

After their labor-intensive work of recruiting students for NNU, the four faculty members have returned to Nanjing with big grins on their faces.

(Reportage: Haibo Wang)