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Academic Events

GC Freshmen Perform Chinese Mini-Dramas

On the 2nd day of New Year 2020, GC English freshmen put on their Chinese mini-dramas in English in Musical Hall of J6 Building, Xianlin Campus in the afternoon.

The most intriguing story is "Lady White" by two troupes. Both have prepared stage properties, and Troupe 2 has better costume.

The audience were greatly charmed by the same plot twice.

The next story comes from Wu Cheng'en's "Journey to the West". The students highlight the scene of "Monkey King's Three Fights with Monster Skeleton".

And they also put on a drama of "Hua Mulan, a Woman Warrior".

Several boy students display an ancient episode of "Waiting Under a Tree for Rabbits to Break Their Own Necks by Smashing into the Tree", sucessfully.

Another troupe re-draft the story of "Purchasing the Casket but Returning the Pearl" into "Throwing the Pearl Out of the Casket".

The performance is very satisfactory, and their Professor Steve Earnest feels very happy about their outcome.

Other faculty members present are Hong Ye, Haihua, Haibo, Wen Qin, and Xiaoyang.

(Reportage: Haibo Wang)