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Academic Events

GC Girls Win 21st Cup Speech Prizes

21st Century Cup Speech Contest (Jiangsu Region) was held in Yifang Auditorium, Suiyuan Campus, Nanjing Normal University on November 12th, 2016.

At the Opening Ceremony, Ginling College Vice Dean Qingqi Wei gave his opening remark, in which he expressed thanks to sponsors of the speech contest--21st Century English Journals, China Daily, and Coca-Cola. He then stressed the importance and liveliness of speech contests for college students and extended his best wishes for all those participants.

All those adjudicators in the front row were either deans or chairs or famous professors of English with universities in Jiangsu Province. Sitting in the front row were also two question masters, one female and one male.

Ginling, as a host institution, was privileged for two student contestants, coached and led by Ms. Hong Ye and Mr. Haibo Wang. The two faculty members reached the campus before students were called together by 21st Century Journal, giving their students some last-minute instructions and encouragement.

Before the contest started, all participating students were gathered in a big lecture room on the third floor of Ginling College for preparation and prevention of overhearing other students' performance to maintain fairness of the competition.

Each contestant had to go through three stages of contest--a 3-minute-long prepared speech entitled or focused on "Technology and Man" (30%), a 2-minute-long impromptu speech (40%), a 2-minute-long period for two questions and answers (30%). The impromptu speeches were very intelligence-calling and the questions very wit-exacting. All the 30 participants from more than 20 universities in Jiangsu Province presented spectacular performance on the stage, each striving for a better outcome.

During the calculation of scores, two adjudicators went onstage to provide some feedback and insightful understanding of speech contests.

Finally, the results came out. Immediately after the three candidates who will go to Beijing as Finalists was a Ginling sophomore girl, Jie Jiang, who won the first prize--a Certificate and a New Oriental Scholarship of ¥4880.  Lian Xia, another Ginling contestant, won the Third Prize--a Certificate and a book on entrepreneurship written by Minhong Yu, President of New Oriental School.

At the Closing Ceremony, President of New Oriental (Nanjing) expressed her school's intention to fund college students in their training of public speaking. Then Vice Dean Zhijun Yan of School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Nanjing Normal University, gave a closing speech, saying that public speaking fosters students' courage, eloquence and working ability, and that speaking contests are platforms to launch students' dreams for China as well for the world. (Reportage by Haibo Wang)