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Academic Events

GC Students at Prov. Anni of Women Day

February 2nd morning witnessed Jiangsu Provincial celebration of 108th anniversary of March 8th International Women's Day. The celebration conference, with the theme of "Devotion to CPC and Contribution to New Jiangsu", highlighted advanced women and organizations in all walks of life in Jiangsu Province. Those present at the conference were standing member of CPC Provincial Committee and Organization Department of CPC Provincial Committe Comrade Wenqi Guo, Vice Chairman Zhongzi Xu of Provincial Standing Committee of Jiangsu National People's Congress (NPC), Vice Governor Xingying Chen, Vice Chairman Huimin Hong of Jiangsu's CPPCC, Vice Secretary General Songhan Liu of Jiangsu Provincial CPC Committee, Vice Secretary General Yong Yang of Jiangsu Provincial Government. They sent out rewards and prizes for those advanced women. Fifteen students of GC were invited to the conference.

The conference began with a publicity movie produced by All-Jiangsu Women's Federation (ALWF). The movie focused on how the province gathered resources and forces to push forward the cause for women so that the cause achieved new developments and new chapters for AJWF. Then the conference prized those advanced women as "Flag-Holders" and rewarded those organizations as advanced ones for they had contributed their great wisdom and power to developing New Jiangsu. Then three advanced representatives gave their speeches to relate those touching stories and achievements. Finally, Comrade Wenqi Guo gave a remark, which recognized the important role of women, and put forward more expectations and requirements for women and AJWF.

GC women students got inspired from this event, including the movie, prizes and speeches. They have witnessed the outcomes of women's endeavors to the construction of Jiangsu Province and have made up their minds to take those advanced people as examples and to keep GC motto of "Abundant Life" in their minds so that their ability and wisdom may produce maximal outcomes for helping others and improving the society. They are determined to provide more social service after graduation, which has been the history-proven tradition of GC.

(Reported: Yaxin Guo; Translated: Haibo Wang)