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Academic Events

GC Students Contesting for Provincial Prizes in English Writing and English Reading

After the preliminary on-campus and online rounds of "FLTRP Cup" English Writing and English Reading Contests, 6 of GC students have achieved the statuses to run for Jiangsu Provincial Prizes.  These six students went to Nanjing Agricultural University and Nanjing Forestry University to compete respectively in the abovementioned provincial contests. 

Dr. Yin Bai and Mme Jing Jiang headed the two delegations, each made up of 3 students and 1 teacher.

Apart from that, two more students will participate in the Provincial Contests of Public Speaking of "FLTRP Cup" and "21st Century Cup". Dr. Judy Ling Yang and Mr. Haibo Wang will work as delegation leaders to lead them to different universities in Jiangsu Province in the first half of November. Dr. Yang is doing solid training work for them. Mr. Wang also revises some drafts.

(Report: Haibo Wang)