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Academic Events

GC Students Won Third Prize on Second Jiangsu Food Sci-Tech Innovation Contest

Under the guidance of Prefessor Daodong Pan, Associate Professor Jianlin Li and Associate Professor Yuxing Guo, seven Grade-2015 undergraduates won the Third Prize on Second Jiangsu Food Sci-Tech Innovation Contest on 19th of October.  Those awarded seven students are: Hua Shao, Yang Lu, Xuemei Wang, Xue Wang, Huahua Pan, Yuye Zou, Ting Miao. 

This contest/forum conferred 2 First Prizes, 4 Second Prizes, 6 Third Prizes and 8 Participative Prizes. GC students got the 7th place, i.e. the first place amongst Third Prize Winners.

(Report: Haibo Wang)