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Academic Events

GC Volunteers Win MOCA Silver Prize

With their extraordinary roadside show and defense, the seven-year-old GC "Light from Firebugs" Volunteers Project for Puberty Girl-Care won Silver Prize jointly conferred by Youth League Central Committee, Central Culture Office of CPC, Ministry of Civil Affairs (MOCA), Ministry of Water Resources (MOWR), China Federation of People with Disabilities, and China Volunteer Service Association in Ningbo City on December 3rd. This team had won the First Prize of Jiangsu Province before the Silver from MOCA etc. in Ningbo.

China has 300 million nest-egg children and migrant children, 31.72 million of whom are puberty children. 46% of the puberty children are girls, amounting to 14.59 million.

Those children during their puberty are perplexed by a number of problems: personal safety, bio growth, first mentruation, lack of emotion care, indifference, autism, suicides, sexual advances and assaults, accidental deaths.

GC's assistence, named "Interpreting Youths and Buiding Life Dreams", takes adolescent education as its main thread and includes five such modules as study, life, safety, psychology, etiquette. GC girls also provide Pamphlets of Adolescent Education, Pamphlets of Culture and Etiquette to rural and migrant girls who need them. GC girls interacted with the adolescent girls with videos, handicraft, and games. These modes of communication and education are replicable and sustainable in modules and menus.

This Project has raised a fund of 380 thousand RMB and formed a 100-thousand-word-long survey report. More than 170 experts in women's studies and college girls have participated in this project. They have carried out 64 rounds of counselling events for nest-egg girls and their families. Their efforts amount to 30,000 hours and more than 3,000 nest and migrant girls have benefited from the Project.

The Firebugs have established permanent relations with 12 primary and secondary schools and 18 communities, which have been covered for more than 180 times by Xinhua Daily, Website of China Education, etc. The Project itself also has its own Weibo Account and WeChat Account to provide information and engage in interaction.

(Translator: Haibo Wang)