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Academic Events

GC Wins 1st Prize for 70th National Day Singing-Competition Concert in NNU

On Septer 25th afternoon, NNU held its Singing Competition Concert for faculty and staff. Those adjudicators are all music professionals like doctors and professors. All those 30 teams on behalf of all NNU schools and cadres took part in the competition.

GC band, accompanied by a piano, a guitar and two drums, sang the song of "Love of Cathy" (Ai Wo Zhonghua) with "GC Anthm" embedded in. We grouped our band into three parts, namely, soprano, alto and tenor. Our leading singer and conductress is Maolan Lu, who did a wonderful job in coaching the faculty band and inviting a musical doctor to provide meaningful guidance to all the singers. All GC leaders took part in the singing competition.

At the end of the whole competition concert, NNU leaders stepped on the stage and prized all bands. GC was among the Top 7 and won the First Prize. CPC Committee Secretary Chuanhui Xue in GC went upstage to receive the prize on behalf of GC.

This concert has filled faculty and staff's hearts with enthusiasm and love of our country. We feel honored to devote ourselves to the people of China.