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Academic Events

GC Women Charisma Contest

On the 16th of June, GC held The Sixteenth Women Charisma Contest. The adjudicators were GC's CPC Secretary Chuanhui Xue, GC Vice-Dean Suping Yang, GC's CPC Vice Secretary Jian Gao, GC's Youth League Secretary Ning Feng, Students' Supervisor Yan Zhao and Professor Weiwei Li of Food Science Department. After three rounds of competitions, good prizes were awarded to Xiaoshan Cao (曹笑珊), Yanxia Li (李炎夏), Chenyue Wan (万辰玥) and "Wireless" (无线电组合). Third prizes went to "DT9" and Xiaochang He (贺小畅). Second Prizes went to Yuzhou Wang (王雨舟) and Manjia Zeng (曾曼佳). First Prize went to Xinyu Shi (施心语). (Tr. Haibo Wang)