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Academic Events

Jiang & Wang Win as Stars of Outlook

On May 6th, CCTV's Star of Outlook competition (Nanjing competition area) was held in Nanjing University of Finance and Economics (NUFE). Two of Ginling students, Jie Jiang and Lan Wang, attended the competition.


The competition had two rounds. The first round contained a single choice question, whose topic covered history, entertainment, language and etc. It also provided a controversial question for students to illustrate their opinions toward it within 90 seconds. When it came to Round 2, the questions became more interesting. Students were asked to work in pairs and finish telling a story based on a given situation. Moreover, students were also asked to role playing and to use the required words to start their stories.



Jiang was the 31st competitor. She felt quite nervous when she was in Round 1. Therefore, she missed the good chance to answer questions logically and to win high scores. After finishing Round 1, she realized that it was unnecessary to feel that nervous and started to enjoy the competition. In Round 2, Jiang not only used the given word appropriately, but also told the story very vividly by acting it out. So, she got high scores in Round 2.


Meanwhile, Lan Wang had a very stable performance in the competition. She answered the question correctly and gave her opinion toward the given question fluently in Round 1. Also, she played the role of Nemo in Round 2, telling a very attractive story which won applause from the audience.


Finally, Jiang won the outstanding prize and Wang won the first prize. Both of them have a chance to go to Jurong on May 20th to compete in Jiangsu competition area. We hope that they will enjoy themselves and have good luck.