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Academic Events

Jin on Child Labor & Law

On April 14th afternoon, GC Professor Yihong Jin, an expert on protection of children's rights, was invited to comment on child labor on FM Radio 93.7 Megaherts.

That radio discussed child models for costume biz and said that child costume models are very profitable. Some child models have even earned houses after houses for their families. But those parents forget their children's need for education. 

It is said that our laws allow child actors and sports children to make money with the permission from their guardians.

And a mother was shot with a camera to be kicking her model daughter on the latter's spot. It was apparent that the mother-guardian was imposing family violence upon her child.

Jin says that we need to pass laws to further protect education-needing children. No one has the right to deprive their children of school education, nor replace it with labor or learning of Traditional Rituals, Traditional Craftsmanship like penmanship.

Jin also urges that China pass a law to clarify what are child laborers in the new situation like child models, child stars, child sports people, give limits to how many hours of work they are allowed to undertake.