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Academic Events

Lü--NNU Excellent Graduate Tutor

Recommended by Ginling College (GC), peer viewed by experts in NNU, certified NNU Post Graduates Education-Direction Committee, GC Professor Lishuang Lü has been announced as an excellent post-graduate supervisor of NNU.

Professor Lishuang Lü has been doing solid research in her field of study, and is a chief contributor to the NNU's high position in agriculture in ESI ranking (with 1% in the world). Her graduate students have been engaged in lots of research work under her guidance and within the framework of her research projects. They have also achieved some outcomes in related fields. In order to honor Professor Lishuang Lü's leading contribution in guiding graduates forward to the frontier of academic research, both GC and NNU agree to nominate her as excellent supervisor for graduates.

GC and NNU hope that Professor Lishuang Lü will continue to devote her energies and enthusiasm to teaching her graduate students.

(Reported by Haibo Wang)