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Academic Events

Meredith Prof. Yu Lectures in GC

On May 25th, Meredith College Professor Bing Yu lectured on "Fundamental Driver of Stock Market Development" in Room 408, Dianjiao Lou (Building for Electronic Teaching) at GC's invitation. Professor Yu's lecture was based upon his practice in Stock Markets in Shenzhen and Hongkong; hence, it is more convincing than expected.

Stock Market in the US grows steadily while Stock Market in China grows more violently. According to Professor Yu, during the past 27 years, Chinese economy grew faster than that of America. Then Chinese stock exchange is riskier.  In the US, investors, without any professional knowlege, can purchase some stocks and hold them for some time, and they will have their gains. But in China, investors have to rack their brains to make profits in Stock Market.

Yichun Lu, a girl student from Class 8, Grade 2014, Accounting Major, expressed her idea that the differences were caused by efficiency of markets; Ying Tu, a girl student from Class 8, Grade 2014, Accounting Major, suggested that the differences might be caused by investors' different psychology.

Professor Yu thought that the differences should be caused by different law-systems: America has the customary Anglo-American law system, which stressed maximalization of individuals' interests; China has the continental law system, which stresses that comprehensive development of collection and individuals. This has caused the steady growth of American Stock Market.

At long last, Professor Yu introduced the procedures of going to Meredith for overseas study.

The whole lecture was suggestive to students and faculty who were present.

(Translator: Haibo Wang)