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Academic Events

MPAcc Grads Visit Jiangsu PolyPlus Grp

In order for graduate students to keep up with current changes and current affairs and broaden their horizon, GC Professor Ziqiang Zhao led a delegation of MPAcc 2017 to a salon sponsored by Xinhua Newspaper Network, Zhonghui Accounting and Taxes Firm and Nanjing Guoxin Capital Rating Co. The keynote speakers was President Yang Sun of Director Board of Zhonghui and Partner Gang Yu of LordFund Shares Investment in Real Estate. They two chiefly discussed tax reforms and opportunities of financing and investments in real estate after the National Conference/Congress of CPPCC and NPC.

The Salon started at three o’clock in the afternoon. The chair first introduced guests, namely, CFOs of PolyPlus Real Estate, SanPower Group, China Citic Bank, Nanjing Bank, Jinge Construction Engineering Co. Ltd, and teachers and students of Nanjing Normal University. Then Zhonghui President Yang Sun illustrated an in-depth analysis of tax reforms in way of added-value tax, personal income tax, corporate income tax, the combination of national taxes and local taxes, social security and non-tax collected by tax bureaus, etc. Such analysis are chiefly in the field of tax reform after conferences of NPC and CPPCC. This brought deeper and clearer understanding of tax reforms to all those present at the salon. The atmosphere was activated by friendly and frequent communication between speakers and the audience. Many put forward their own views and and questions, which President Yang Sun all answered patiently. After that, Gang Yu with LordFund analyzed the financing and investment in real estate in the new context in way of policies and present situation, financing and investing modes, key control and variety of investments in the industry of real estate. He also had heated discussion with all those present. And finally, the salon came to a close in a harmonious climate. All people present thought that they gained a lot and wished for more of such salons to happen in the future.

That salon not only brought understandings of tax reforms and financing and investing in real estate, but also provided a communication platform for students to contact leaders in the above-mentioned lines of business.

(Translator: Haibo Wang)