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Academic Events

MPAcc Graduates Visit Jiangsu Salt

In order for students on campus to know companies’ developmental history, organizing and planning, culture and employee development, and in order to induce students to prepare better knowledge and ability, Vice Dean Xiaoyan Xiong of GC and her colleague Youcai Xiang led graduate students of Grade 2017 to Jiangsu Salt  Industry Group Co.,Ltd. on North Jiangdong Road, Gulou Borough, Nanjing City. The Group is a provincial SOE under the supervision of Jiangsu National Resources Commission.

At the conference, Financial Chief Inspector Liu of Jiangsu Salt introduced the company’s development process and business lines so that students got complete knowledge of the enterprise. HR Chief Inspector Tan introduced the enterprise’s recruits, i.e. university campus recruits and society recruits. The former recruits chiefly admits students to do basic business, and HR considers students’ GPA at school, social experience, interview results and adaptability; the latter recruits chiefly mobilize people of rich experience and maturity to solve complicated problems of the enterprise.

During the interchange, Professor Xiong discussed research issues for students with Jiangsu Salt, and Liu took the enterprise situation as example to illustrate two issues of internal control and designation of accountants. Internal control was more outstanding: the abilities of personnel are varied, the systems are not in position, and risks in capital still exits, etc. Students should think more about these so that they may find issues for study. In the discussion of personnel structure of the company with Xiang, CI Liu encouraged students to master solid theories of accounting, and to learn application of such theories continuously. Students should also set strict criteria for themselves so that they may become the needed persons of enterprises.

Students also asked some questions in two aspects: 1st, the future planning of salt industry, for instance, the measures and plans to respond to salt system reforms; 2nd, students future career plans, for instance, the choice between sitting tests for certificates and internships. CI Liu answered all these questions patiently.

Finally, CI Liu showed to GC faculty and students the products of Jiangsu Salt, including edible salt, industrial salt and every other product. Then CI Liu introduced their AI Stores without Salespersons, which was still being tested. Customers would not have to bring cash for purchases.

This interchange has brought students to the site of functions of various departments and the cooperation between departments in the company. Students have their vacancies between their present knowledge system and the requirements of enterprises. So it will be beneficial for students to narrow and eliminate the gaps before they step into their career markets.

(Tr. Haibo Wang)