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Academic Events

MPAcc Graduates Visit Oriental Energy

On March 14th, Chair Yun Li of Accounting and Financial Management and Party Secretary Shuijuan Wang and Dr. Cunbin Fan led a research group of 10 graduates of Grade 2017 into Oriental Engery Co. Ltd. The aims of this visit is for students to apply theories to practice, to better understand operation procedures and plan their careers by utilizing their knowledge obtained in GC. This research trip received warm welcome by Oriental Energy.  The exchange happened in the conference hall of Oriental Energy, and Chief Inspector Tao Fang of Oriental Energy Finance shared his experience with GC graduates.

In the beginning of the conference, the chief inspector gave an introduction to the background of Oriental Energy by relating the positioning, four major businesses and the accounting softwares in use in Oriental Energy. He also put forward his own idea on the competition between hydrogen cars and electricity cars, including their merits and demerits, and the developmental orientation of the company. He then shared his own career with the students.

During the interchange, students also asked a lot of questions concerning their own interests, all of which Fang answered. What are the requirements of the company for accounts? What ability does the company pay most attention during recruitment? What other suggestions for college students? And the teachers also ask questions on post-college training accounts by the company.

Chief Inspector Fang said that, with the introduction of robots in the line of biz, accounting tends to be managerial; and that accountants should have a more general understanding of the company by standing much higher. The accounts must do well in the financing and internal control of the company. Then he said that students should have better ability to study, better ability to shoulder pressure, and better psychological states. He added that communication ability should never be ignored. Then he analyzed the differences between governmental offices, SOEs, privately-owned enterprises, financing firms, securities companies so that students may choose their jobs according to their likes and according to their personalities in front of abundant information.

Besides, he also gave suggestions for women students to make their job choices. The whole conference was friendly and straightforward. Students gained adequate knowledge and solved their puzzles.

At the end of their communication, Chief Inspector Fang and GC faculty led students to visit some offices of the company so that they could understand the company’s culture and working situation, and get to know clearly the operation procedures of the whole enterprise.

(Tr. Haibo Wang)