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Academic Events

MPAcc Graduates Visit ShineWing

In order for Accounting Graduates to get accustomed to accounting firms in such fields like organization structures, working procedures, biz scope and firm culture, etc, and to help students plan their careers and prepare related knowledge, Vice Chair Aifang Gao of Accounting Department and Director Ping Sun of MPAcc Center led Accounting Graduates of Grade 2017 to visit ShineWing Management Company of International Investment on March 14th, 2018.

In the beginning, Board Chairman and General Manager Hongqing Chen introduced to our students the status quo and challenges that accounting firms are facing. ShineWing got stronger by acquiring excellent resources from home and abroad. The firm has gradually established itself as one of the leading companies by a holistic strategy. At the same time, the firm has done solid work in expanding its biz abroad, like in Australia, Pakistan, Egypt, etc. The firm’s partner Ming Yin made an in-depth illustration of recruitment, pre-career training and career prospect. The partner also set out the mechanism on how the firm screen employees and the stratified training of employees as well as providing some advice for graduates to get into internship and careers in the firm. All this has clarified the selection criteria and requirements of abilities of firm so that students’ study will gear up to the standards of the firm.

The teachers who led the party to the firm also had abundant communication with the firm in areas like the orientation of talent requirements, the education of knowledge and ability in accounting personnel. That is very suggestive for the education program. MPAcc Center and ShineWing also discussed the educating of students, part-time teaching positions in MPAcc, the combination of industry with teaching and research.

Finally, students communicated with ShineWing in things like the combination of their study and practice, the firm’s selection of employees, on-the-job training as well as the developmental trend of requirements for accountants. The firm’s senior managers answered all the students’ questions, stressing that study should go hand in hand with practice, that they should understand theories better through practice, and that they should try maximize the outcomes through the various communication skills.

This visit of the firm has brought students nearer to the market requirements, prepared better knowledge and ability of the students for their future success in the biz. Meanwhile, this face-to-face dialogue between the college faculty and the firm can help the college adapt better to the biz by adjusting its education plan.

(Translator: Haibo Wang)