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NJNU-SSU 1+2+1 Undergrad Program

With the ratification of PRC Ministry of Education (Jiao Wai Zong Han[2007]76) and Jiangsu Province Department of Education (Su Jiao Wai [2004]27), and with the aim of nurturing undergrads who know Chinese and American cultures and have international perspective and cross-cultural communicative ability, Nanjing Normal University Ginling College (NNU) and Salem State University (SSU) have decided to co-operatively admit students under the program of 1+2+1. NNU and SSU will mutually recoginze each other's credits. Students enrolled on this program of 1+2+1 will spend their first year in NNU, second and third years in SSU, and fourth year in NNU again.

Salem State University, founded in 1854, is located in Salem City, 27 kilometers to the north of Boston City. It is a public and comprehensive university which confers bachelors' and masters' degrees in various fields. SSU has small-sized classes for better communication between students and professors.

Admission Standards: First-tier college admission scores (ben yi fenshu xian) in Jiangsu Matriculation Test (Jiangsu gao kao); English above 90; optional matriculation tests (xiao gao kao) grades reach BB.

Number of Admitted Students: 10  students of arts, and 5 students of sciences.

Standards of Fees: 

5,200 RMB/year for intra-national education fee.

300 RMB for registration fee for China-Ed Intert'l (Zhongjiao Guoji).

25,300 RMB for overseas service fee and auxiliary expenses, application fee for non-immgration VISA, SEVIS1-901.

3,000 USD for settling of VISA and program management.

50,000 RMB for caution money (which will be refunded fully to the student/family, without interests, when the student returns after finishing two years' study in SSU).

16,200 USD charged by SSU as each year's study fee.

12,800 USD as accommodation (bedroom and living) for each year. For first year in America, he/she has to live in such a bedroom. For second year in America, he/she can rent a home as an option. The rental fee will be 1/3 less than bedroom accommodation fee.

2,500 USD for medical insurance every year.

The total of tuition and accomodation will be around 50,000 USD per capita for two years in SSU.

China-Ed Intert'l is registered  as an independent legal person, ratified by PRC Ministry of Education, PRC Ministry of Public Security, National General Bureau of Industries and Commerce, to engage in the service of self-funded overseas study.

Please feel free to contact:

Phones: 025-85891061   or  025-83598286

Contact Person: Teacher Yang (Yang Laoshi)

Add: Ginling College, Nanjing Normal University (122 Ninghai Road, Nanjing City)

ZIP: 210097

(Translator: Haibo Wang)