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Academic Events

NNU Holds Academic Salon for ACWF

All-China Women's Federation-affiliated Women/Gender Research-Training Basis held an academic salon in Room 401, Yifu Building, Suiyuan Campus, on July 4th, 2016. Professor Aimei Guo, Chair of Women's Studies Department of Ginling College, and Professor Meizhen Dong with School of Public Management gave key-note speeches at the salon, which was chaired by Professor Yuan Zhao, Dean of the Basis and Dean of Ginling College.


Professor Guo's speech covered the essential information of "2016 Women/Gender Studies Training Course" held by China Society of Women's Studies. Her speech was inclusive of the two themes of the Course: "Marxist Perspective of Women" and "Oral History". The former part chiefly introduced the contents done by four experts like Juan Ding, Ningyuan Liu, Xiuhua Jiang and Henan Han. Then Guo moved on to her emphasized oral history.  It included reports of oral historians--professors Yuhe Zuo and Xiangyin Yang. Professor Zuo had detailed described the developmental process, heated themes, existent problems, disciplinary construction of Modern Oral History in China. Professor Yang had informatively illustrated topical choices, interview preparation and preparational process, sorting and editing of materials, storage and communication, legal and ethical issues, etc, which make up the essentials and methodology of Oral History. Later those present at the Salon had a heated discussion of the future development, difficulties and puzzles in field-practice, feasibility of topical choices, etc.

Professor Huanqi Qian, an expert in Oral History, shared her experience and lessons the research of Oral History.

Based on her own research project, Professor Dong, taking the re-appraisal of home labor as the gateway, put forward her own thought for Marxist gender theory. She creatively retrospected on the definition of "labor" in Marxist theory. Starting from this point, she criticized the blind points in present-day value assessments of labor. Bringing theory back to practice, she probed into the unseen fact that negligence or devaluation of domestic labor forms a kind of pressure on and invisible harm to women. Her research illustration received a warm echo from all salon participants. Starting from daily experience and academic research, they proposed that today we lack reflection and thinking about the influence of domestic labor upon women development and we also lack recognition of domestic labor.

Professor Jun Fu with NNU School of Foreign Languages and Cultures suggested that the English word "labor" has the meaning of "giving birth", therefore bearing children is naturally regarded as labor in English. But in Chinese, it is a blind point. Professor Dong said that this is a new thought thread for her research.

Finally, Basis Dean Zhao set out the near-future development plan of the Basis. After collecting salon attendants' poll, they reached an agreement that the Gender Basis will start projects aiming at "Research Influence of 'Two-Child Policy in an All-Round Way' from a Multi-Disciplinary Perspective", funding Basis members' research on the theme, hoping that it will hatch co-operation teams from different backgrounds to focus on the present-day issues. Besides, Basis members put forward preliminary planning for "Academic Month of Gender Studies" of the latter half year. (Translator: Haibo Wang)