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Academic Events

NNU in QHHS, Guiyang

This afternoon, JGUC (Jiangsu Good Universities Consortium) held a face-to-face interview for Universities and High School students to meet on students' own campus. This event took place in Qinghua (Tsinghua) High School (QHHS).


Secretary Feng, Mme Zhao and Secretary Xue are bringing their information up to the key high school students in Guiyang City, the Capital of Guizhou Province. QHHS students look very smart and earnest before university teachers. They have inquired various aspects of NNU, including its location, staff and faculty, majors and enrollment policies. They are particular about NNU's admission volume of undergrads in Guizhou.

When knowing that NNU admits the second largest number of undergrads amongst all 112 off-Guizhou 211-Project universities, they feel very eager to enter NNU for their bright future and career. This has filled more energy in their hearts for their study.

(Courtesy to Joyce Yan Zhao for pictures in this article.)

(Report: Haibo Wang)