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Academic Events

Teaching Salon--Projects and Tech

Ginling held a teaching salon entitled "Projects and Tech" in Room 416, Yifu Building, on June 14, 2017. It was prepared by English Department.

Professor Yunzhi Zhu, Vice-Chair Liyan Ma and Vice Dean Qingqi Wei briefly those students' innovative projects under their guidance. Many faculty members have supervised students in their innovative projects in various areas. Some of those projects have risen from university-level to provincial level. Professor Hong Ye's students' project of "localization of world's plays" has blossomed with a revised The Midsummer Night's Dream originally authored by Shakespeare. Vice-Chair Ma's students have established their projects in service-learning by making use of Ginling Children's Library. Vice-Dean Wei's students have centered around Chinese information in hundreds of back issues of National Geographic.

Ms Ying Huang, as a teacher of Japanese, has made use of "flipped classrooms" with the app of "Yu Ketang" (Rain Classroom) to connect to students in various ways with learning tasks, homework, questions, etc. She has found it useful though the software also has some bugs which make teacher-student communication impossible on one occasion. Mr. Haibo Wang has established two composition corpora, namely GAEA (Ginling Amateur English Authors) and ZEUS (Zhongbei English Undergraduate Students). The two copora have accumulated up to more than 1.2 million English words together. Mr. Wang has used Brown Corpus and Crown Corpus to show the difference in vocabulary-using and clause-using by Chinese students and American writers so that Chinese students can improve their writing to be more natural and idiomatic. Mr. Wang also sociologically analyzes "father", "mother", "grandfather" and "grandmother" according to their frequencies in the 94 compositions entitled "Oral History of My Family" in GAEA and ZEUS and has found that when parents' roles are more frequent in telling stories, educating children, and acting as moral examples in families, their children's learning results are correlatedly better than when grandparents' roles are more frequent. Mr. Wang's another finding is that, when looked at from the perspective of Keywords, the father's role is vital and pivotal in child-education. If the father's role is absent or in the dark, the result of education has a worse-off ending. Mr. Wang has also provided a hypothesis that compositions can detect students' bad mood and can be used to for prevention and intervention. Dr. Jingjie Lu continues to talk about the coursera and tiny-classrooms for students and also for teacher development. She has taken the distant courses of TESOL of Arizona State University for some period and made use of those tech and skills in own teaching. With the help of TESOL ideas, both Dr. Lu and her students have developed very fast. She has got published quite a few papers in foreign language teaching. Though the TESOL cost her $300, she thinks it worthwhile when the certificate was mailed to her.

GC's teaching salon based on the concepts of "Projects and Tech" has proved a hit amongst faculty members and leaders. Associate Professor Huiping Han gives nice comments on the Tech and statistic part. Supervisor Huanqi Qian from Teaching Department of NNU also thinks that the salon is a great success. Vice Director Liangde Chen from Teaching Department of NNU gives good comment and support as well as some advice for improvement. (Report: Haibo Wang)