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Academic Events

Two Lectures on Women's Studies

On 21st December, 2016, GC held another event on Women's Studies in Room 416, Yifu Building. Mme Chunfang Xu, Jiangsu Women's Federation, gave a lecture entitled "Family--Current Forms and Constructive Gateways agaisnt the Background of New Jiangsu" and Hohai University Associate Professor Xiujie Zhu gave a lecture "Rural Residential Land and Women's Rights".

The former lecture mainly focused on family issues and kernal socialist values. Therefore it was quite abstract and conceptual for beginners, meaningful and suggestive for in-depth researchists. After her lecture, Haibo Wang had a heated discussion with the lecturer on the following issue: Haibo's research found that women have 17% of power in leadership of county-level government leadership, which just coincides with Xu's report of women shouldering 83% of housework. Wang thought that women's political rights projected into household rights and household sharing of chores. Xu echoed that political rights are the greatest and strongest rights, and such political embodiment in housework is a worthwhile subject for further research.

Zhu's lecture indicated that women's right to residential land is infringed by patrilocal village regulations and unwritten customs. An unmarried woman's right land is written under her father or brother's name, so it is totally unvailable to her in social reality. A male villager, even if unmarried, is assigned a lot for his future house, with his sister's share implicit but meant therein. He also has the share of his future wife's lot of land. When a woman is divorced, she has no eligibility to any housing lot--neither her daddy's nor her brother's, nor her ex-husband. Therefore her right is greatly harmed. After her lecture, Haibo Wang raised a question: if a woman's right to housing lot is guaranteed as half of her husband's lot distributed by his village, and if her divorce can take away her lot right, her husband would be in despair. If she is a cheat and divorces several times, she will have several lots but all her ex-husbands will have half lots. After such a discussion, she agrees that the present legal interpretation of Marriage Law is acceptable.

This event is one of a series on Women's Studies.

(Reportage: Haibo Wang)