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Academic Events

Unveiling "Yi-fang Rostrum"

GC "Yi-fang Rostrum" Nameplate Unveiling Ceremony was held and the first report of "Yi-fang Rostrum" was given in Yi-Fang Auditorium, Suiyuan Campus on April 24th, 2019. NNU Vice President Kangsheng Fu participated in the ceremony and gave a speech on the occasion. Nanjing University Management School Dean Yuetang Wang gave "Yi-Fang Rostrum" debut report on "Financial Report: Assessment and Development".

On the Unveiling Ceremony, CPC Committee Secretary Chuanhui Xue of GC introduced the vision and mission of setting up "Yi-fang Rostrum". The Rostrum will, on behalf of GC, invite experts and scholars from inside and outside NNU to give series of lectures on humanities and social sciences to gear up with the planning of NNU, and enhance the academic atmosphere and campus culture of Suiyuan Campus; to build up a research platfrom for academic communication and confrontations of thoughts in humanities and social sciences; to lead the faculty and students to focus on academic hot issues and frontiers of scientific research, raise faculty and students' ability in scientific studies and growth. The Rostrum is named after GC President Wu Yi-fang so that her spirit and thought of education will be carried on and GC Spirit and Culture will spread.

CPC Committee Vice Secretary Jian Gao of GC announced the prizes of designers of "Yi-fang Rostrum", and GC Vice Dean Sixian Feng handed out the rewards to students from Chinese School, Art School, Journalism School, Teacher-Education School, Computer School, etc. The poster designs received over 10,000 clicks and readings. The First-Prize Winner's design is the final design for all posters of "Yi-fang Rostrum" lectures.

The Unveiling Movement was done by NNU VP Fu and NJU Professor Wang.

VP Fu first congratulated GC for the establishment of "Yi-fang Rostrum". Fu stressed that this Rostrum is not only for homage to GC President Wu Yi-fang, but also for meetings of different thoughts, spreading of wisdom and benefits of society. He sincerely hoped that GC will, by taking advantage of the scopes of experts from home and abroad, novel ideas, advanced-in-time perspectives, broaden and deepen its disciplinary studies, enhance its international communication in humanities and social sciences, raise its influence in related disciplines, and contribute to economic development and social progress.


Nanjing University Professor Yuetang Wang gave his report entitled "Qualities of Financial Reports: Assessments and Development". After his lecture, GC faculty and students raised some questions and had some in-depth discussions with him. Students all expressed that they had a wonderful meeting with a great master in their own field and they all felt that they had deeper understanding and firmer grasp their own academic thoughts.

(Report: Ping Sun. Translation: Haibo Wang. Photos: Xuanzhang Li)