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Academic Events

Wilde's Play Put on Stage

Oscar Wilde's play "The Importance of Being Earnest" was put on stage in Music Auditorium after GC "Yi-fang Drama Society" Unveiling Ceremony.

The play was rewritten by Heymax, a boy who has newly admitted into East China Normal University as a postgraduate. He acted as Mrs. Blacknell in the play. The actors and actresses are chiefly English Seniors and Juniors, including Xuan Li, who acted Cicely.

This play is a three-act play, with the main plot of "Earnest" as the main figure: being earnest and being Earnest as the theme of the whole play.

The play attracted a large audience, including teachers and students and their relatives.

This play is the the final product for Students' Creative Project of the National Level, guided by Professor Hong Ye and her assistant Mme Wen Qin.

After the play was over, NNU leaders, GC leaders, GC supervisors Ye and Qin as well as other teachers all came up onto the stage to pose for pictures.

<Report Text and Photos by Haibo Wang>