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Academic Events

Women Leadership Forum on March 6

On March 6th, 2017, Ginling College started its 14th Girls' Festival, which lasted a week, covering International Women's Day on March 8th. The Festival was also a forum of women's leadership, whose opening ceremony was held in West Auditorium, Jingwen Library, Nanjing Normal University Xianlin Campus. Those who attended the forum were Ginling Dean Yuan Zhao, Vice Secretary Wei Zhou of NNU Youth League, Vice Secretary Suping Yang of CPC Ginling Committee, Ginling faculty Mr. Lijun Zhang, teachers of Ginling Youth League, Chairman Siyuan Zhou of NNU Students' Union, and delegates from other NNU schools. The opening ceremony was chaired by Vice Secretary Ning Feng of Ginling Youth League.

At the beginning of the Forum, Vice Secretary Suping Yang introduced the thirteen past Ginling Girls' Festivals, saying that such festivals have been the hallmark of Ginling, drawing attention from all circles of society. China Education Daily, Jiangsu TV Station, etc. have covered the events in their reportage. Ginling, with its century-old tradition, is carrying on with its tasks like pioneering and inovation in cultivating well-rounded women.

Then Vice Secretary Wei Zhou emphasized the importance of women's leadership from the perspective of ideology, politics and education, encouraging Ginling girls to break the effect of "glass ceiling" by participating in innovative activities. He stressed that girls should combine their own efforts with the platforms and chances provided by NNU and Ginling to achieve such a purpose of smashing the glass ceiling.

Dean Yuan Zhou asserted that leadership is not what people are born with, but what people acquire in their practice. She added that girls should take initiatives in daring those challenges and grasping those opportunities that come along with the era of knowledge economy.

Specially invited guest, Mr. Lijun Zhang, the father of "Moving Quotient" theory, gave a speech entitled "Moving Quotient--The Highest Level of Leadership". He said that the issues of leadership and management are all issues to get others moved. You must be capable of moving those intelligent and able people agree with you with content. The intelligence and ability to move others and the raising of moving quotient of the leadership as well as obtaining resources and platforms are a field of learning.

Students' Union Chairman Siyuan Zhou also put forward his insight in girls' festival and women's leadership from a male's point of view. During the free discussion session, delegates from School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, School of Social Development, School of Literature, School of Psychology, etc. had in-depth exchanged in related areas.

(Reportage by Jing Wu, Shan Liu; Translation by Haibo Wang)