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Academic Events

Yi-fang Drama Playwrights Meet

Yi-fang Drama Group Playwrights meet at a coffee house in Hexi, Nanjing, to push forward their work.

They discussed in detail what to include in their play--Ginling Women's University (GWU) President Wu Yi-fang.

Wu Yi-fang graduated from GWU with a batchelor's degree with four other women in 1919. Theirs were the the first batch of bachelor's degrees conferred to women in China.

After graduation, she went to teach in Peking Women's Normal University, which merged with Beijing Normal University in 1931.

In 1922, Yi-fang started her education the University of Michigan and obtained her doctoral degree in 1926.

Upon graduation, she immediately became President of GWU and her term continued GWU merged with the University of Nanking ("Jinling Daxue" in Chinese).

She had her signature in the UN Charter, the first woman's signature therein.

The play starts with Yi-fang telling her story at First Teachers' Day Conference of Jiangsu Province in 1985.

If you wish to know more, please visit us here, and watch our drama next semester.