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Academic Events

"Yi-fang Drama Society" Unveiling Ceremony

On September 28th evening, "Yi-fang Drama Society" Unveiling Ceremony was held in Music Auditorium, Xianlin Campus.

This society is a students' assiocation for drama workshops, salon discussions, writing, re-writing, recital, rehearsal, and putting dramas on stage.  The society chiefly consists of English students of Ginling College. It also invites some professors to provide some guidance and some foreign professors to give lectures. It is based on College Students' Creative Projects, starting from 2017 as a project of the university level, 2018 as a project of the provincial level, and 2019 as project of national level.

These projects were supervised by Professor Hong Ye of GC English Department. Professor Ye did profound research in drama and drama teaching. She also invited Mme Wen Qin to co-operate in the coaching of students.

This ceremony was chaired by CPC Committee Secretary Chuanhui Xue of Ginling College. Ginling Dean Yuan Zhao gave a constructive speech to students and professors of English Department. Finally, NNU Vice President Youlian Sun and GC Dean Yuan Zhao unveiled the bronze slate for Yi-fang Drama Society. Those present at the ceremony were Deans of Graduate School, School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, NNU Students Department, NNU Teaching Department, and GC Vice Dean Qingqi Wei. 

Professor Ye and her colleagues were also present on the grand occasion. Society members and their relatives also turned up at the ceremony to memorize the important moment.

<Text and all photos by Haibo Wang>