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Academic Events

Yi-fang Rostrum: Wang on Translation Principles

On May 15th afternoon, Professor Yinquan Wang with Nanjing University of Agriculture came to Yi-fang Auditorium to give a lecture on the principles of translating Nanjing (Nanking) Massacre Documents like Rabe's Diary, Vautrin's Diary, Rape of Nanking, etc.

Wang also illustrated his own translation of documents like lines in documentary movies, TV series, etc. on Nanking Massacre.

Wang said: (1) that when we translate, we ought to translate the names of organs and societies into the English versions as the original in history. They should not be translated according the present translating principles, but should be in agreement with history;

(2) that the translation should have the same political standing of the People's Republic, and should be in the service of our motherland;

(3) that it should be national narrative, and should erect a just image of the country, and strive for international recognition;

(4) the translator should keep in mind the national strategy.