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Pei Wang Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Financial management and Accounting
Research Interests: 
capital market and industrial economy

Educational Background:

Sep.1984—Jul.1988: Dept. of Accounting,  The Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE), B. A. Degree.

Spt. 1998—Jul. 2001:       Business School, Nanjing University, majoring in Business Administration, M. A. Degree.

Spt.2004—Dec.2009: Business School,  Hohai  University, majoring  in Management Science and Engineering, Ph.D.

Spt.—Dec. 2013: visiting scholar at Baylor University, America

Jul.—Nov. 2014: 2014 visiting scholar at Payap university, Thailand.

Research Projects:

1.The study of funds safeguard mechanism of balanced development of compulsory education in Jiangsu province,2012,From The 12th five-year plan key funding issues of Jiangsu province education science 

2.Training of  innovative talents in financial management, 2012,From NNU.

3.The study of Special financial education funds investment mechanism, 2013, from The national social science office of Philosophy and social sciences.

4.The special investigation of the state of scientific and technical workers in jiangsu province,2015, Department of science of Jiangsu province.

Journal Articles:

1.The main issues in financial management major of universities,


2. Imbalance and its countermeasures in allocation of funds of compulsory education, STUDIES OF FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING IN EDUCATION,2015(01 )

3.Financial risk and prevention of transnational mergers in the oil industry

-----M& A case study of  "three barrels of oil " and Exxon,FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING, 2014(9)

4.Industry constitutes of 500 tops of the word and the change of Resources utilization ,WORLD ECONOMY STUDY,2010(6)

5.Green barrier challenge management philosophy of Chinese enterprise, MODERN ECONOMIC RESEARCH 2007(11)

6.definition and expansion about intangibles, COMMUNICATION OF FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING, 2010(4)

7.Enterprise heterogeneity resource and the strategic position of intangibles, JOURNAL OF AUDIT AND ECONOMICS,2009(5)

8.A  analysis about enterprise heterogeneity resource on accounting angle of view. INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY AND ECONOMY, 2009(9)

9.An analysis about the capability of independent innovation from distribution of intangibles: as an example of listed company of bio-pharmaceutical listed companies, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT RESEARCH,2009(11)

10.Low speed growth rate :be the Strategies for success for minor enterprise ?FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING, 2009(8)

11.Talking about the financing of convertible bonds : From Nanshan convertible bond, 2009(11), FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING ,2010(9)

12.Analysis  about the financing path of Bank of China ,FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING ,2010(10)

13.Cost management of enterprises under the background of innovation strategy Research interests, 2010 Conference Papers in Management accounting and Application Specialty Committee of Accounting Society of China


1、introduction to financial management of small firms, lixin accounting press, 2005.6

2、Financial management course and case, Chief Editor, lixin accounting press, 2009.11

3、Financial analysis, Chief Editor, Chief Editor, east China normal university press, 2011, 11

4、management accounting, Chief Editor, east China normal university press, 2011.11


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