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Shaoli Jing Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Comparative Education
  • Sociology
Research Interests: 
  • Education
  • Social and Culture
  • Education and Occupation
  • Feminist Methodology


PhD, Comparative Education, Faculty of Education, East China Normal University, 2006

MA, Sociology, School of Sport Humanities, Beijing Sport University, 1998

BA, Education, College of Education, Shanxi University, 1986



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JING Shaoli. Family Function Development and Women Educational, in WU Keli (Editors), ‘Challenges and Opportunities for the development of domestic service’, Nanjing University Press, 2011.

JING Shaoli, Chapt 5: Feminist Perspective of Educational Equality, in Wu Gang(Editor), ‘Cutting-edge issues of Educational Sociology’, SHANGHAI EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING HOUSE, 2011.

JING Shaoli, The Change of Family Function and the Development of Educational Opportunity, Theory and Practice of Education. Vol.32, No.16, 2012, 14-17.

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XIONG Xiaoyan, JING Shaoli. Economic Participation and Education Investment for Women, Social Scientist, No.10. Oct., 2015. 55-59.



Tel : +86 25 83598286