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Wen Qin Lecturer

Academic Area: 
English Literature
Research Interests: 
  • Modern British and American Drama
  • Feminist Literature

Educational Background

MA, School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Nanjing Normal University, 1999

BA, School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Nanjing Normal University, 1996

Research Projects

The Glorious Realistic Tradition -- The Study on the 20th-century British Drama. From Research Funds for Youth, NNU, 2001-2002.Postdoctoral Research on modern British literature in the College of Humanities and Social Science, Edinburgh University, UK. From United Board of Christian Higher Education in Asia, 2004-2005.The Practical Significance of Ginling Students’ Drama Society in the Improvement of the Teaching Quality of British and American Literature. From NNU, 2007.

Journal Articles

“On the Construction of History through Gender Discourses -- A Comparative Study of The Crucible and Vinegar Tom” in Yilin Press, June 2012, Issue 6, 97-108.

“To Write Women’s Own Literature -- On British Playwright Pam Gems’s Dramatic Writing” in World Literature Recent Developments, February 2011,  Issue 1, 16-18.  

“A Play about Witches with No Witch in It --On Caryl Churchill’s Socialist Feminist Play Vinegar Tom” in The Journal of the Central Academy of Drama, January 2009, Issue 1, 68-75.

“The Unbalance between Sense and Sensibility -- On G. B. Shaw’s Women Characters” in The Journal of the Central Academy of Drama, September 2004, Issue 3, 25-31.

“Caryl Churchill -- A Feminist Pioneer in the Modern British Theatre” in World Literature Recent Developments, 2006, Issue 4, 7-10.

“A Comparative Study of Women Images in A Doll’s House, Candida and The Greatest Event in Life” in Journal of Hohai University, March 2005, Issue 1, 62-65.

“The First Homosexual Novel Winning Man Booker Prize” in World Literature Recent Developments, December 2004, Issue 6 4-6.

“Three ‘Nora’s” in The Northern Forum, February 2004, Issue

“Detachment, Objectivity, Impartiality -- On John Galsworthy’s Plays” in Journal of Nanjing Normal University, July 2000, Issue 4, 111-114.

“The Creative Evolution -- The General Theme of Shavian Plays” in Foreign Literature Studies, September 1998, Issue 3, 64-67.

Tr. (English to Chinese). “Static Collections and Experimental Connections at Mutare Museum” by Njabulo Chipangura and Chidochashe Mandizvo, in International Museums, June 2015, Issues 1-2, 70-75.

Tr. (English to Chinese). “Wonderful, Wonderful Violence” by Donald Honig, in Yilin Press, September 2006, Issue 5, 70-75.


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Tr. (English to Chinese). Phaidon Focus: Andy Warhol by Joseph D. Ketner.

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Co-Edited. Handbook of English Punctuation and Style. Chief Editors: Fan Zhenguo. Nanjing: Jiangsu Education Publishing House, 2001.

Honors and Awards

“Excellent Teacher” in Undergraduate Teaching of Ginling College,2012


+86 25 83598286