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All-China Women’s Federation Affiliated Women/Gender Studies and Training Center

  Initiated as Ginling Women's Development Studies Center of Nanjing Normal University founded in 1994, the Women's/Gender Studies and Training Center was officially authorized by All-China Women's Federation as one of the first group of National Women's/Gender Studies and Training Bases in June, 2006.

  Depending on Ginling College and integrating the resources of the University, the center has already built a relatively stable academic team engaging in teaching and research related to women's studies, which consist of 45 team members (including 14 full professors and 17 associated professors). The fields the center is dedicated to include: Social Transition and Patriarchy, Marriage and Family Studies; Feminism and Anglo-American Literature; Leadership and High-Level Political and Economical Participation of Women; Gender and Space; Women's Oral History.

  After many years' effort, the center has established its own characteristics and advantage in gender studies field. 2007-2012, women's study is listed as one of the Major Items of 211 Interdisciplinary Programs in the University. In recent 5 years, the members of the center have hosted 12 projects sponsored by National Social Science Foundation, published over 20 books and 200 papers, and won 9 awards at and above ministerial level and 7 awards at provincial level.

  Besides, over the past 5 years, the center has successfully hosted 3 international conferences, over 10 large-scale academic conferences and 30 important academic lectures. The social issues and frontier research areas are also what the center is concerned about. Since the first day the center is built, it has tried its best to make the feminist voice heard in public and academic fields, actively engage in social service and improve the practice of women’s education during the service.