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Gerontological Institute of Jiangsu Province

Co-founded by Nanjing Normal University and Gerontology Society of Jiagsu Province, the Gerontological Institute of Jiangsu Province was established in September, 2006. With “health”, “participation”, “security” and “sharing” of the elderly as its goal, and gerontology construction through knowledge innovation as its focus, the institute is dedicated to the studies on the life of the aged group for the sake of a harmonious society.

  As a research institute that emphasizes both “research and practice”, the institute aims at improving the academic and scientific nature of China’s gerontology studies and serving the government, the aged group and the community with its research findings by exploring policies and practices that facilitate active aging.

  After eight years’ effort, the institute has established a research team featured by multi-disciplinary background, solid theoretical foundation and good practice abilities. Over these years, it has actively engaged in offering courses and lectures, publishing academic works, doing researches on a wide range of subjects, and holding various academic conferences. Currently, it is committed to exploring the possible ways of active aging based on some pilot studies in both urban and rural areas. Till now, the faculty of the institute have hosted over 50 projects at various levels, published 10 books and over 200 articles and won 12 awards at and above provincial level.