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Jiangsu Campus-Based Public Technological Service Platform for Food Processing Industry of Small and Medium Enterprises

The platform is one of the third batch of public technological service platform approved by Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission, Nanjing Small and Medium Enterprises Bureau and Jiangsu Education Department in 2015, as well as the only platform of its kind in Nanjing Normal University.

Based on Research and Development Branch of National Dairy Processing Technology Center, Food Safety and Quality Control Lab, Food Engineering Technology Center as Jiangsu Provincial Demonstration Center for Practical Education, Nanjing Normal University Analysis and Test Center and Huaian Research Institute of Nanjing Normal University, the platform is actively engaged in close cooperation with food enterprises and institutions of higher education in and out of Jiangsu Province. Through integrating and optimizing technological resources available in field of food science and establishing deep processing technology and technology service lab, it has committed itself to sharing and strategic restructuring of advanced technological infrastructure systems as well as the establishment of innovation groups with potentials to yield scientific achievements. It has also endeavored to meet the needs of developing new products, solving key technological problems, sharing equipment, safety test and technology training of small and medium food enterprises and provide them with consultation services concerning laws, technology, product and standard as well as personnel training. The services it mainly provides range from new food product development, training and technology exchange to consultation services related to testing technology and quality control system, etc.