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Research and Development Branch of National Dairy Processing Technology Center

Co-founded by Nanjing Normal University and Nanjing Dairy Group under the approval of the State Ministry of Agriculture, the Research and Development Branch of National Dairy Processing Technology Center is mainly engaged in processing technology, biotechnology, quality control and rapid detection technology and functional factor developing for milk and dairy products. The branch has a research area of more than one thousand square meters equipped with instruments and equipment costing RMB10 million yuan. Among the 20 faculty members, 85% of them have doctoral degrees and there are 7 full professors and 8 associate professors. Besides, 6 faculty members have been on the list of the talent cultivation project of Jiangsu Province, among whom Prof. Pan Daodong, the branch director, is honored with the membership of the 333 Talent Cultivate Project as the Youth and Middle-aged Leading Talent and the membership of the Six Types of Top Talents Cultivation Project of Jiangsu Province. Over the past five years, the branch undertakes more than thirty national research projects, including the National High Technology Research and Development Program (“863” Program), National Key Technology Support Program, programs funded by Natural Science Foundation of China, etc., obtained more than five science and technology achievement awards at provincial or ministerial level and more than ten authorized invention patents. The other achievements include the publishing of over sixty research papers cited by Science Citation Index and the application of eight scientific and technological achievements which have produced good economic and social benefits.