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GC Translation Studies Group

Approval Year: 2014

Leader: Qingqi Wei

Members: Yunzhi Zhu, Haihua Qin, Wen Qin, Liyan Ma, Jing Jiang, Yufen Zhou, Haibo Wang


The group concentrates on forefrontier theories of translation in the world and applies them to translation practice as a test of acceptance to readers at home and abroad. The group tries to propel translation studies from both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Research Contents:

Application of Theories to Translation Experience

Qualitative Research of Translation Theories

Quantitative Research in Translation

Representative Achievements:

Suiyuan Translated Series

Some Research Articles by Qingqi Wei, Yufen Zhou, etc.

NNU Excellent Undergraduate Thesis by Yuanchen Sun, supervised by Haibo Wang, 2016