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Dean's Welcome

  Message from the Dean of the School of Journalism & Communication Zhang Xiaofeng

In 1995, the one-hundred-year-old Suiyuan Garden embraced a golden opportunity for full growth. All flowers and trees, as if in another round of samsara, exhibited all splendidness of their life in that era. In April 1995, a group of scholars, with their grand ambitions , founded a brand new school – the School of Journalism and Communication – at the place where the famous Qing Dynasty scholar Yuan Mei wrote poems and essays. Since then we acquired a new name: Xin Chuan Ren[ Xin Chuan Ren means members of the School of Journalism and Communication.].

This is a school with a long history. It was originated from the journalism program of Nanjing Normal College in 1964. Its profound cultural and academic background attracted great attention right from the beginning. Later the inclusion of the technical force and the power of reasoning from the Department of Audio-Visual Education brought this new school even better capacity for innovation. It is also a young school full of enterprise and energy. It has a complete education system ranging from undergraduate to doctoral programs. It pursues academic research from self-developed individual projects to major projects funded from the National Social Science Foundation. It inspires creations from colorful campus life to the Special Award of the Challenge Cup… The school has one doctoral program, three academic master programs, two professional master programs, and seven undergraduate programs. It possesses good disciplinary resources and teaching infrastructure. It is in “the leading group of journalism and communication schools and departments in China” (cited from Professor Fang Hanqi). Everyone working here, no matter whether they are young talent or senior scholars, cares for the students and has high aspirations. As time goes by, their hair may become white and wrinkles may appear on their faces, but their faith and beliefs remain unchanged. Those who have bade farewell never forget to pursue the truth and always show their surprising capacity for creation and innovation no matter whether they brave their way in the journalism community or work hard in other posts. They always pay their tribute to this place and their youth here no matter what time it is and no matter where they are.
In 335 BC, the great thinker Aristotle left his teacher Plato and established  his own school known as the Lyceum in Athens,Greece. Students there, full of curiosity towards the world, may walk, or sit quietly, or debate, or talk with each other along the tree shaded roads or near the pools. They asked each other questions. They collected materials. They inspired each other and explored unknown things. These scenes are very appealing. A famous saying of Aristotle - Plato is my friend, but the truth is more my friend – has been passed on to this day and become an inexhaustible motivation for generations of curious people to explore the unknown world. Today, we see the Xin Chuan Ren at different places showing their youthful excellence through their words and views. Their witty expressions and brilliant thoughts are a common fortune for us.

After all these cantabile years, Xin Chuan Ren will have an even brighter future!