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Academic Events

CASIC Researcher Li Ming Gave a Keynote Speech on "Our China Aerospace"

At 14:30 on the afternoon of May 22nd, li Ming, the Party Secretary and Deputy Director of the 8511 Research Institute of CASIC(China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation) and President of Jiangsu War Industry Institute, was invited to our college. The report was presided over by Gu Yonglin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the college, and more than 100 representatives were present to listen.
In the report, Mr. Li reviewed the development history of China's space industry, introduced the development status of China's space industry in detail, and emphasized the concept and classification of rockets, missiles and satellites. He pointed out that through the joint efforts and continuous relay of several generations of spaceflight personnel, China's space industry now ranks among the top in the world and gradually ranks among the space powers. Based on his own experience and international current affairs, he focuses on the spacecraft, spaceflight personnel, spaceflight events, spaceflight spirit and spaceflight stories, and leads the teachers and students of our college to appreciate the brilliant achievements of China's space industry.
Mr. Gu expressed his thanks to Mr. Li Ming in his summary. He pointed out that the current international situation is turbulent, and for China, which is on the great journey of national rejuvenation, the development of space industry is crucial. The report popularized the knowledge of aerospace and spread the spirit of aerospace, which is of great help for teachers and students of our college to understand the space industry and broaden their horizons of knowledge.