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Academic Events

Cross-border and Innovation | Sidelights of 2019 Training Courses For Young Teachers in Professional Courses For Undergraduate Colleges in Jiangsu Province (New Media Literacy)

From November 11th to 17th, a training course on new media literacy for young teachers of professional courses in Jiangsu undergraduate colleges was held in our college. A total of 60 young teachers from universities in Jiangsu Province participated in the training. Nie Shouping, the director of the Jiangsu Province University Teacher Training Center, and Zhang Xiaofeng, the executive dean of our college, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. The ceremony was chaired by Gao Shanbing, the director of the Department of Network and New Media.
Mr.Nie expressed his gratitude for the careful organization and hosting of this training. He hoped that through this training, exchanges and cooperation between universities in the province will be promoted, which will be beneficial to Jiangsu's education development, youth teacher training, and team building.Zhang Xiaofeng expressed his gratitude to the Provincial Teacher Training Center for the trust of our college and welcomed all students. He introduced the basic situation of our college, and hoped to take this training as an opportunity to build a communication platform that penetrates academia and industry, across science and technology and liberal arts colleges, and jointly promote inter-school, school-enterprise cooperation, and provide young teachers in the province Talent training contributes.
The training lasts for 7 days. The training content covers courses such as cross-border communication and dialogue, interdisciplinary research integration, practical skills improvement, and research perspective innovation in the context of new media. Through the study, all trainees more clearly and deeply realized the close relationship between the new media and the "study" and "industry", and the training played a positive role in improving their teaching and research capabilities.