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Academic Events

Fight the "epidemic" together, and pass the fire down-our college held a flag-raising ceremony with the theme of “Salute to the Anti-epidemic Spirit

At 6:30 in the morning of October 12th, our school held a grand flag-raising ceremony of "Salute to the Anti-epidemic Spirit" at Century Plaza on Xianlin Campus. It is worth remembering that this is the first flag-raising ceremony of our school this semester and even this year since the outbreak of the epidemic.


The leading teachers attending this flag-raising ceremony include Mr. Wang Xinwen, the head of the People’s Armed Forces Department of Nanjing Normal University, Mr. Gu Yonglin, the secretary of the Party Committee of our school, Mr. Shen Fei, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee, the secretary of the Youth League Committee of the Academy, Mr. Zhan Wei, the Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Mr. Shuyang and the Youth League Committee Gao Jingyuan teacher.


The flag raising ceremony was presided over by Teacher Shen Fei.Mr. Shen Fei first reviewed the excellent results of my country's new crown epidemic prevention and control since the beginning of the year, and emphasized that our college actively implemented the policy of "suspending classes and not stopping school" during the epidemic, and focused on patriotic behavior while focusing on professional learning.


The red sun is rising, and its way is bright. The flag guard team of the national flag class walked in full spirit with music and escorted the national flag to the flag-raising stand. With the solemn and passionate national anthem, the five-star red flag was slowly raised, and all teachers and students present sang the national anthem and paid attention.


After the flag-raising ceremony, Mr. Gu Yonglin, Secretary of the Party Committee of our school, gave a speech under the flag. In his speech, he shared his insights and feelings on the recent domestic and international epidemic situation and National Day news reports, and called on every young person present to shoulder the heavy responsibility given by the times, pass on the fire and forge ahead.