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Academic Events

Good at Learning Salon(No.16):"My Academic Road" Excellent National Award Winner Sharing Meeting Held Successfully

In the afternoon of December the 6th, "my academic road" excellent national award winner sharing meeting was held in Room 408 of News and Communication building. Yu Ligen, postgraduate of grade 2017, brought a wonderful sharing to the students. 
Yu Ligen has published several academic papers in Journals like Modern Communication (Journal of China Media University), Contemporary Communication, Media Observation, Audiovisual Circles and other journals.He presided over the research innovation project of Jiangsu province graduate student, "Research on privacy policy of mobile media and citizen information protection in the era of big data", and participated in the writing of the academic work "Introduction to new media".
At the beginning of sharing, Yu Ligen introduced in detail his way of study in two and a half years of graduate student life, starting from the "timeline" and "technology axis".Yu Ligen divided the semester into several parts, and briefly described the route transforming of his mind in the past five semesters.He pinted out that in the process of thesis writing, the tutor is not only our "guide", but also our "backer". We should learn to communicate with the tutor more, and the tutor will help us a lot in all aspects.The topic selection of the thesis needs constant considering. Remember not to plagiarize, forge or cheat. Pay more attention to the hot and front at home and abroad. You can find the inspiration of the topic selection of the graduation thesis by writing a small paper everyday.
In the interactive part,Yu answered the questions of the schoolmates and put forward pertinent suggestions. After listening to the wonderful sharing  the listeners said their research ideas will be clearer and their learning path will be firmer.