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Academic Events

Good Learner Salon: Doctor Cao Ruiqing Shared Academic Research Dry Cargo --the Whole Study on ” put in a record all that is heard”

“We must really understand ‘3K’ principle of academic norms while doing research. ‘3k’ refers to ‘Keep Thinking,Keep Reading,Keep Writing’. ”  At six-thirty p.m. of June 1st, the School of Journalism and Communication 2017 No.6 “Good Learner” Graduate Academic Salon was held at Room 304. In this period, the keynote speaker was Doctor Cao Ruiqing, the first doctor of master-doctor continuous study in our school‘s journalism major. Based on his doctoral dissertation “’put in a record all that is heard’:the Rise and Decline of a Chinese Journalism Slogan ”, Doctor Cao focused on seven aspects such as selected topic, problem consciousness, path and method,material, main content, conclusion and follow-up study, etc. He stressed the importance of papers’ standard writing and valid argument, and pointed out some common research mistakes. 

This salon was hosted by first-year graduate student Li Ziheng, Professor Zou Jun made comments.