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Academic Events

Good learner salon: interpretation of the Symbolic Strategy of TV sports Consciousness in the “Internet+” Era by Zheng Weiping

On the afternoon of 8th November, the Good Learner salon held as planned in the Xinchuan building. This was the first time that students from other colleges were invited to share their views in the salon. Zheng Weiping, a graduate student, majors in humanity and sociology. He interpreted the symbolic strategy of TV sports consciousness in the “Internet+” era. Professor Luo was the comment in the salon.

Zheng Weiping explained his interpretation from five aspects including the of the origin of the question, the media use, the audience commercialization, sports carnival and construct unity.

According to Zheng Weiping, the origin of the question came from the impact of internet on the TV sports text pattern. The media use was a behavior of strengthening self-identity. The audience commercialization was the purpose of the TV sports construct unity. The sports carnival was the symbolic coding feature of “Internet+TV sports”. And the text strategy of “ Internet +TV sports” was construct unity.

Professor Luo gave his comment after Zheng Weiping’s speech, pointing out that his speech was great. And he gave advice on academic aspect that one theme should be fully bettered before starting another theme.(text by Song Yibo,picture by Zhou Weixi)